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Everyone has long been accustomed to the English word “cashback”. After all, many banks offer customers this option. After all, it is always nice when money is returned for nothing. Today is the time of bookmakers, and they did not stay aside. Licensed bookmakers have a few sure options to attract newcomers and argue for high game activity of regular customers, offering on the crossroads bonuses in the form of cashback.

Where do they give cashback bookmaker

What does cashback mean in BC?

Cashback literally means a refund. In the bookmaker environment, cashback is the reimbursement of funds to bettors in the form of real money or freebets. In essence, cashback is returned to the user’s account after lost sports bets or within the framework of current promotions. The conditions for receiving cash money are always detailed in each BC. However, the terms of receipt and wagering differ between the offices, but the most popular is the cashback for lost online bets.

So, what is cashback? Conventionally in the world of betting bonus cashback means the transfer of funds back to the user’s game balance after an online bet or deposit has been made. Most often bookmakers offer the first option of bonuses. Best bookmakers return a set percentage of the amount of money lost. Most often the size of the cashback does not exceed 20%, but in some BCs can be much higher. It turns out that betting on sports with a bonus in the form of cashback for registration is a great option for those who want to try their hand in the world of betting and get additional profit.

Let’s take a look at how the best cashback offer differs from other promotions:

How to get the best cashback?

Bookmaker’s offices clearly prescribe the conditions for issuing a cashback. All the rules are available on the operator’s website and in the mobile application in the “Promotions”, “Bonuses” or “Rules” section. Most often on the main page of the site there is always a banner with a promotion, so it is quite difficult not to notice the cashback. Any customer can get a cashback if certain conditions are met.

Best cashback app

The rules for getting a bonus in many BCs are similar: cashback is returned for participation in the loyalty program and for drained sports bets. To get a part of the lost money, it is necessary to make bets on sports events for a specific amount each month. Depending on the number of bets made or drained, the player is assigned a specific percentage of return. Some BCs set a large cashback for lost bets on a specific match or a major sporting event, such as World Cup soccer, hockey.

To get the biggest cashback, you need to:

What other rules does the bookmaker’s office put forward to receive cashback? After all, it can be not only the type of sports bet or odds, but also a specific sporting event, the specified minimum bet amount or time period.

If all the rules are followed, the cashback is automatically credited to the game balance in the form of free bets or money. Each bookmaker sets its own unique conditions for receiving cash money, in case of their non-compliance or fraudulent actions on the part of the player, the administration can deprive the bettor of the bonus.

When is the best bookmaker’s cashback credited?

Any promotion has its own rules, so in order to receive cashback money the player needs to clearly adhere to the rules of the platform. For example, the bookmaker returns a certain percentage of money in case of failed match prediction and on a significant sporting event.

Classic cashback conditions include:

If you are new to the world of betting, then before using the cashback, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the terms of the promotion in detail. Our site presents bookmakers that offer users the best cashback on the most favorable terms.

Types of cashback bonuses

When cashback is credited

The rating of cashback services presented on our website allows players to choose the most suitable bookmaker for themselves. Today, several types of cash bonuses are presented in the BC, which give bettors the opportunity to make favorable bets on sports.

Should I use cashback?

Players simply need to use such a bonus in the form of a cashback. This offer does not impose any additional obligations on the client of the platform, but gives the opportunity to get additional money to the game account. For example, the bettor drained the entire budget during the month, but after the expiry of the specified period, 300 rubles returned to his account. With a competent approach, the player will be able to return the lost funds for the next month.

There are two ways in which you can use cashback:

  1. the BC returns the money in the form of a freebet and sets a wager, which is limited to any requirements. For example, you need to place a bet with odds of at least 1.3 or bet on express bets or orders. There may also be restrictions on the amount of the bet, its format and the type of tournament. But, as a rule, the conditions of wagering cashback are much simpler than other promotions held in the BC.
  2. Some bookmakers give bettors the opportunity to immediately withdraw the received percentage of return from the game balance, without wagering requirements. Players quite positively perceive such a bonus policy, as for a big loss can come the biggest cashback, which can be immediately put to withdrawal or used for sports betting.

Where is the biggest cashback?

It is quite possible that the first to implement cashback were the leaders of the betting market and giants of the gaming industry, including BC Liga Betting, 1win, Winline and others. Such operators are most often several steps ahead of their competitors. As a rule, they independently develop new original approaches in the formation of bonuses. At the same time, the online betting market is constantly expanding. New bookmaker’s offices appear, which are obliged to correspond at the proper level to the top brands.

Depending on the bookmaker’s policy, refunds can take place in different formats: real money on the game balance, free bets, prizes, accumulated special points, which can later be wagered and withdrawn to a bank card or e-wallet.

How to earn cashback?

All players can earn money by getting a cashback. This chance is given to bettors by many betting companies. At the same time, you should bet on sports only on those events in which you have at least a little knowledge. BC offer beginners to make bets starting from 10 rubles, if such an opportunity is provided by the operator. This amount is considered ideal for new customers who are just taking their first steps in the world of betting. Maximum bets depend on the status of the future event.

In addition, you can focus on online calculators, with the help of which you can calculate the rate of return on invested money.

To do this, players need to enter the following indicators:


How useful is cashback for a bettor?

Since bookmakers are not in a hurry to give away bonuses free of charge, cashback has its own dark side. The terms of each such promotion state that the bettor receives a refund of a certain part of the money spent by him on sports betting for a specified period of time. Or for each bet made - it all depends on the policy of the BC and the rules established there. It turns out that in order to get a cashback, the player needs to lose money from the balance in the BC. However, some bookmakers set the maximum possible percentage of return. Cashback 100 percent is a promotion in which bettors can get the amount of their first bet. Accrued funds can be used for betting or immediately put to withdrawal, if it is prescribed in the bonus offer.

Some companies are ready to offer “natural cashback”, that is, to exchange the points allocated by the bookmaker for smartphones, TVs, game consoles and other prizes. There is no doubt that where they give cashback, the bookmaker will occupy the leading positions in the rating. In addition, such companies will appear more and more often, pleasing players with a favorable offer.

What can be said in the end, cashback is just beginning to be introduced into the activities of bookmakers, so not always the rules for its receipt are close to ideal. But, given that competition in the industry is growing, there is hope for their improvement. However, bettors should not miss this opportunity to make extra money by betting on sports with cashback.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between free bets and cashback bonus?

Cashback and free sports betting are completely different types of rewards in BC. Cashback is a refund of a percentage of the betting money for a certain time period set by the bookmaker. At the same time, freebet is an opportunity to make a bet without the risk of losing personal savings.

How is bonus cashback different from a promo code?

Cashback provides bettors with a refund set by the bookmaker of a percentage of the money poured in on sports betting. To some extent, it is an incentive for activity or compensation for financial losses. A promo code is a set of letters and numbers that a user enters when opening an account or depositing to get an additional reward.

How to know which cashback is really worthy of attention?

To figure out where the biggest cashback is, you need to look in detail at the refund percentage, the rules of activation and use, as well as at the restrictions on online betting and sports disciplines. See that the refund percentage is high, and the conditions are transparent and accessible.

How to bet using cashback?

To favorably conclude a sports bet, you need to choose a BC that will suit your requirements. Especially for you, we have compiled a rating of bookmakers that offer the biggest cashback. Our site presents only licensed BC with fair and open conditions for the game.