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Every day millions of players all over the world place sports bets in the hope of getting a good win. But only a small fraction of all players do at least a little preliminary analysis. The vast majority make bets on emotions or as a result of logical deductions, which, unfortunately, in most cases have little to do with the real situation.

This is fundamentally wrong, so we provide free professional sports predictions on our website, which have a high passability and will suit both beginners and more experienced bettors. Our free sports predictions are compiled by top-class experts and updated every day.

Where can I get sports predictions?

Since sports betting is very popular, bettors have quite a wide choice of information sources. But in general, we can distinguish three main ways in which you can get sports predictions:

  1. To compile on your own;
  2. Buy from cappers;
  3. Use free forecasts from professionals on major resources dedicated to betting.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

High-Performance Sports Predictions

Self-Performing Predictions

Most beginners initially prefer to make their own sports predictions for football, basketball and more. For this purpose, following the recommendations of professionals, they focus on one sport and start to analyse many different parameters.

Level of opposing teams or opponents

Despite the fact that in most sports there are opponents of approximately the same level, a bettor needs to analyse each side thoroughly. But even this is not a guarantee, as it can happen that last year’s outsiders beat stronger opponents one after another in the new season. Therefore, before betting on sports predictions you need to do very carefully.

The state of the teams or opponents

This kind of analysis involves quite a few different factors. How thoroughly they have been preparing for the new season, whether there have been illnesses or injuries. Moral upheaval, such as divorce or the death of a loved one, which can put an athlete in a negative moral state and consequently worsen their performance. As well as many other things.


For example, there are known cases when tournament prize money becomes bigger or when a team owner promises his players to each get the latest car model for a major win. This further incentivises players and increases their chances of winning each event.

Past and head-to-head statistics

It has been observed many times that teams or athletes routinely win in passing competitions and also routinely lose in more important matches. Perhaps because of greater psychological pressure, perhaps for some other reason. Therefore, the status of the competition must be taken into account.

Location of the competition

Even schoolchildren know that teams and athletes play differently when they play away and when they host their opponents. Therefore, the location of the competition is necessarily taken into account by players who make sports predictions.

And also much and much more. For example, the playing style, refereeing, quality of the pitch surface, the manufacturer of the uniform, if the team or athlete has changed the brand, the start time of the competition, the weather and not only. In fact, no sports forecast can take into account all the factors that can affect the events during the match and the final outcome of the match. Therefore, it is necessary not only to make a preliminary analysis, but also to follow the course of each competition.

Few bettors go so deep to make such predictions. Therefore, they move on to the following two points: buying predictions from professionals or analysing free sports predictions.

Buying predictions from privateers

Those few bettors who decide to understand all of the above in order to make quality predictions and earn money from it, become professional privateers (forecasters). Capers in their turn start to offer their best sports predictions to other bettors for a fee, one-time or monthly subscription and not only. Also such privateers can get a job in bookmakers and not only make predictions, but also make lines.

Buying online sports predictions from privateers is generally a good investment. But the problem is that nowadays it is quite difficult to find a good privateer. Because on the Internet there are a lot of weak predictors who give sports predictions with low passability. And also a lot of scammers who simply drain bettors and their budget.

Free sports predictions from professionals on our site

Many beginners are distrustful of free predictions on various sites, believing that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. In fact, this is a completely vain fear. As large media resources devoted to betting topics, very dear to their reputation. Therefore, we invite to co-operate only professional privateers, who give high-yield forecasts on sports. As a rule, not lower than 75%.

At the same time we cooperate with several professional analysts, thanks to which on our site you can find sports predictions for today and not only, on many sports disciplines: football, tennis, hockey, basketball and so on.

Why choose our sports predictions?

Free sports predictions that are regularly published on our website have a number of advantages.

Among which we can highlight the following:

So look, choose the best authors of predictions, follow their publications, place your bets and win!

Live Sports Predictions

Many bettors prefer to bet in live mode, believing that such bets have a better chance of success. But in fact, even in this case, you should initially prepare. It is necessary to understand the general situation, for which it is desirable to watch sports news in advance. And also pay attention to the forecasts in live, which are also available on our site.

Naturally, such online sports forecasts lose their relevance very quickly, so we recommend combining sports forecasts and your own observations. It is this combination will allow you to make really more successful bets in any bookmaker’s office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be 100% sure that sports predictions will work?

No, no professional will ever give a 100% guarantee on their sports predictions. Because an online prediction is just a guess based on certain data. But life makes its own adjustments, as a result of which the game may not go as expected. That is why not all predictions come true and you can’t be one hundred per cent sure of every prediction.

Should I use free sports predictions for betting?

Everyone decides for themselves whether free sports predictions are worth using. In any case, you can initially choose sports and check any forecast. See what their passability and then you will have an idea whether to use or not. If you like our predictions, we will be only glad.

Whose sports predictions are used on your site?

We employ well-known professional analysts, some of whom work in bookmakers’ offices. Therefore, all forecasts have a very high passability. In fact, such co-operation is mutually beneficial. Professional analysts increase their reputation, and we increase site traffic. Plus you get free sports forecasts.

Which bookmaker is the best to use the provided sports predictions?

Predictions on sports work no matter in which bookmaker office the player will bet. Therefore, each player independently determines where it is better to bet. As a rule, it is a bookmaker’s office in which the highest odds with the lowest margin. And also have other, positive aspects. Ks

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