Loyalty program: exchange points for money

Bonuses and betting - the concepts are very close and today practically not separated. Nowadays, players choose reliable bookmakers that offer a generous bonus program. If the betting operator does not offer any bonuses, it is not competitive. And if the conversation came to bonuses, it is worthwhile to dwell on the loyalty program and find out what incentives it brings bettors and what you can get, in addition to customer loyalty.

Bookmaker loyalty program

What is a loyalty program?

Bonus loyalty programs are one of the most lucrative types of incentives from BCs. The essence of it is that the client can get real money for those actions, which he/she already performs when making sports bets.

Each bookmaker’s office develops its own individual approach to attracting newcomers and keeping regular players active, thanks to the loyalty program. But despite this, the essence of the loyalty program remains unchanged. The more a bettor spends money on sports betting, the better rewards he gets from the BC. You can familiarize yourself with all the conditions both on the bookmaker’s official website and through the mobile application. Thus, the administration as if pushing players to bet more actively on cybersports and sports. In addition, it is a great way to divide players into real players who play on a regular basis and one-day players who came for one bet and are looking for bonuses only.

Distinguishing a loyalty program from other promotions

Bookmaker loyalty programs, as a rule, differ from other promotions, in terms of their duration. This type of bonus is designed for a long-term perspective. It is this point that the loyalty program differs from welcome bonuses and other advantageous BC promotions. After all, they can be received once or several times, if it concerns the welcome package for first deposits.

This type of incentive is liked by many bettors, as it stands out for its simplicity and does not require additional actions. In addition, it increases interest in the game.

Features of the loyalty program

The best BC loyalty programs work according to the standard scheme: a bettor receives special points for depositing and placing bets. Accumulated points can be further exchanged for various incentives, including:

Also the loyalty coefficient can be represented by other conditions for the clients of the platform. Some bookmakers return a certain percentage of the merged bets or give the opportunity to insure sports forecasts.

Also popular are bookmaker loyalty programs with a rating system. In this case, players also receive special points, but the bettor receives gifts for reaching a new level, which allows the user to receive more points, which are later exchanged for additional privileges and incentives. The highest level allows the bettor to receive premium service, in the form of a personal manager, priority in the queue to process the withdrawal request.

Sometimes the administration of the BC can remind clients about the loyalty program to those who rarely visit the site and almost do not make sports bets. Such a moment is also within the framework of the program, but in reality it is extremely rare. Consequently, if the client of the BC does not perform any actions, his status is lowered to the initial stage, and the list of privileges is reduced to the minimum.

What kind of bonus loyalty programs are there?

Bookmaker loyalty programs do not have a strict classification. However, this promotion has come up with a common designation, according to the conditions of participation and the final reward.

Loyalty coefficient

For example, if a loyalty coefficient motivates bettors to make an ordinal bet on sports, it can be called an “ordinal” bet. Such an offer argues players to make as many ordinaries as possible. In this case, the amount of the prediction, the type of sport and the odds do not matter. The main condition is to bet as much as possible and win.

If the BC returns a percentage of the drained bets, this system is called “cashback”. For fans of complex types of bets, the best bookmakers implement the program in the form of expresses and systems. Its essence does not differ from single bets. In this case, the bettor needs to make as many combined forecasts as possible, receiving free bets on sporting events, promo codes, lottery tickets or cashback.

Who do bookmaker loyalty programs target?

The best loyalty programs are aimed at increasing activity among bettors. They can be both newcomers and regular players. The first ones are just starting their start in the betting sphere, so they are ready for everything new, the second ones already know exactly the functionality of the site, know how to make deposits, and such a client can only be encouraged to take active actions. With the help of various promotions and bonuses, customers are offered to make more sports bets, and in return receive only benefits and privileges.

How to become a member of the loyalty system?

Bonus loyalty programs are available to all registered clients of the BC. You can make sure that you are a participant in your personal cabinet, for this you need to:

If for some reason the bonus offer is not active, you can activate it in the “Promotions” section. You can also contact support specialists and get detailed instructions on how to become a participant of the program. The main condition for activation of the service is a registered and verified account status.

Best loyalty programs in Russia: benefits for bettors

High competition in the world of betting forces betting companies to develop new marketing moves in the fight for the audience. Therefore, betting operators realize a variety of promotions, offer freebets and raffle gifts. It turns out that the benefit for customers lies on the surface.

Best loyalty programs

You went to the bookmaker’s official website to bet on sports and win. For each bet or deposit the player receives special points. Having accumulated a certain amount of points, the bettor can exchange them for real money in the future

Another advantage is that as the player advances to a new level, bets on larger amounts with higher odds become available. In addition, the withdrawal limit and percentage of cashback increases. Therefore, program participants have to wait less for the approval of the application for cashout. At the highest level, the bettor becomes available to play without any restrictions.

Also the advantages of participating in the loyalty program include:

As you can see from the above, this type of bonus offer is one of the most favorable for bettors: there are no supernatural conditions, but real money can be withdrawn immediately.

What is the benefit for bookmakers?

Here everything is quite simple. It is important for a bookmaker to attract newcomers, retain active players and convince bettors to bet on sports on their platform. Various promotions, generous bonuses and even a loyalty program help the bookmaker in this.

The more a player makes bets on sporting events, the higher the probability that the amount of deposits and payouts will be different and not in favor of the bettor, as few people manage to beat the bookmaker’s office and come out in the plus on a long distance. It turns out that betting operators always remain in favor.

You should not think that the points that are awarded under the program and then exchanged for real money will hit the betting operator’s budget hard. Everything is calculated and taken into account in advance. After all, such an incentive is accrued according to a special formula. Therefore, for the client of the BC could earn half a million on the loyalty program, he will need to make sports bets on the amount, which is tens and hundreds of times more than the amount received on this promotion.

How to withdraw money received under the loyalty program?

Such an important point should be worked out before you agree to participate. Despite the attractive conditions and generous gifts, players may have trouble getting the winnings. To avoid this, it is necessary to study in detail the conditions of participation in the loyalty program. After all, in some BCs the accumulated points can be withdrawn immediately, while in others they are subject to wagering.

Disadvantages of the loyalty system

Undoubtedly, bookmaker loyalty programs are a profitable offer for a bettor. However, they also have their negative points:

The loyalty coefficient looks quite attractive, but the bettor needs to assess his financial capabilities in advance. Only talented players can become a VIP-client and stay at a high level.

In which BCs can I get a bonus under the loyalty program?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the presence of a license at the bookmaker. Only such betting operators can guarantee fair play and 100% payouts. In the second place, it is worth studying in detail the conditions of participation in the loyalty program and refuse if the rules for joining and wagering special points are too strict. After all, no one guarantees you in this situation that you can win more than you spend.

Our website presents a rating of bookmakers that offer favorable conditions for betting on sports and participation in the loyalty program.

Each of the presented operators meets the following requirements:

You just need to enter the rating, choose a favorite and make a bet in the bookmaker company you like.


With the development of the betting sphere, betting companies are constantly improving their advertising campaigns and expanding the range of bonus promotions. Therefore, do not rush to immediately react to the first beautiful banner. It is better to study all the proposed loyalty systems thoughtfully and in detail in order to make a choice in favor of one or another promotion that you prefer.

To attract newcomers BC often use a variety of methods, but to retain regular players and motivate them for further active play there is only one method - it is the best loyalty program. It is she who can make the client more active and guarantee that he will not move to another platform with more favorable services. But only on one condition that the current betting program is really well designed and beneficial for the players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which BCs offer the best loyalty programs?

There is no clear answer to this question, as each player has different requirements. After all, someone wants to minimize the risks, and someone wants to increase the winnings. Therefore, it is worth a detailed study of all the conditions offered by the bookmaker’s office, because bonus loyalty programs are a profitable action with a lot of advantages.

With the bookmaker program, what bonuses will I get?

Different bookmakers implement a different approach to encourage bettors. Some thank with free bets on sporting events, while others offer real money. However, the best loyalty programs also include cashback and betting insurance.

Will the loyalty coefficient be awarded if I bet from my phone?

Bookmaker loyalty programs work in mobile applications, as today they are available in almost every BC. Bonus points are awarded for all sports bets and deposits made. Therefore, it does not matter how the bettor places them - from a smartphone or computer.

Why do you need loyalty bonus programs?

Bookmaker loyalty programs for players are a great opportunity to get additional privileges. The more active the bettor makes bets on sports and replenishes the game account, the more points he gets, which can then be exchanged for real money.