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The cookie policy is an important part of the User Agreement. This is digital information that is stored on the user’s PC or mobile device. It is these files that allow us to learn more about the preferences of bettors: in which bookmakers the user prefers to make online bets, which pages of the site is visited, etc.

What information cookies receive:

This information is used to make the site more user-friendly. Thanks to cookies, we can provide bettors with useful information as accurately as possible:

This is a partial list of useful information that our website provides to users based on cookies.

How do I set cookies?

When registering on the site you will be asked to accept cookies. By clicking on the «Accept» button, you automatically agree to our cookie rules and policy.

You can refuse the use of cookies. You can disable this option in your browser settings. Please be reminded that refusing will make your visit to our website less convenient. We will not be able to provide you with up-to-date information about the best bookmakers, up-to-date online sports betting and other events.