User agreement of the site

The User Agreement (hereinafter - «Agreement») of the website (hereinafter - «Site») regulates the relations between the users of the resource and the company.

Terms and definitions

The Site informs users about which bookmakers are the best for betting on sports, offers ratings of bookmakers where you can bet on sports online.


The object of intellectual property of the company, where users will learn:


A natural person who is of legal age to register on the Site, which provides information about online betting from a phone or PC and other betting services.

Personal Area

A section on the Site that is linked to the user’s phone number and email address. It contains information about the user and allows you to use the services of the Site.

General Provisions

  1. Registration on the Site is a full acceptance of the current Agreement by the user.
  2. In case of disagreement with the rules of the Site the user is obliged to delete the account and to stop using the resource.
  3. Administration of the Site has the right to unilaterally make changes in any of the clauses of the Agreement. The new edition will be published on the Site in public access.

Subject of the Agreement

The list of services provided to the user is determined by the Rightholder of the Site and includes the following provisions.

Registration on the Site is free of charge.

Online resource provides users with up-to-date information on how to bet on sports with a bonus, how to bet, withdraw money and other useful information for bettors. is not a bookmaker - it is an information resource. After registration, users can choose the best bookmakers and bet online.

We are a sports betting site. By signing this Agreement, you accept all the terms and conditions that are spelled out on this page.