Bonus for express bets

Despite the fact that the most popular online bets are such online bets as ordinar, any bookmaker’s office has in its arsenal express bets, which make up a large part of the total number of sports bets made by the player. Many know that express bets attract experienced bettors with higher odds, which leads to increased potential winnings.

Express with 1000 odds for today

In betting on sporting events, even a single express gives you the opportunity to earn a decent profit. Such a bet can bring a profit that is dozens of times higher than the amount of the bet. However, not everything is as smooth as it may seem at first glance. Here, as well as in general in the betting sphere, there are a number of nuances that are important to know about. After all, even one unsuccessful bet can lead to a drain on the budget. The only exceptions are match cancelations and returns on bets (forfeits and totals).

Let’s go into more detail and find out what expresses are, the pros and cons of such a bet, what are the winning strategies. In addition, we will learn about the bonus on the express and which bookmakers offer it. But first, let’s look at what an express bet is.

What is an express?

Express is a combined bet on sporting events, which includes two or more sporting events at once. In this case, if all bets are played, the odds are multiplied, but if one outcome does not win, the whole express bet loses.

Simply put, an express bet on sports is made in a bookmaker’s office to correctly guess several outcomes at the same time. The odds of such a bet are formed by multiplying all the quotes of the orders included in the express.

What is an Express Bonus?

Reliable bookmakers offer favorable promotions on express bets. Betting operators are ready to increase the amount of winnings on such bets if a number of requirements are met.

It should not be hidden that expresses are profitable for BC, because the probability of winning the player decreases with the addition of each new match. Consequently, bookmakers are ready to offer different promotions for bets of this type. And so, a bonus on express is a promotion that rewards bettors for a winning bet on express.

Types of Express Bonus

Express Bonus Types

The most common types of Express Bonus come in three variations:

Express Insurance

The bookmaker’s office returns the amount of the bet if there is at least one non-winning event in the express coupon. It turns out that the player can make one mistake, which will not affect the winnings. As a rule, such a promotion is not aimed at all expresses. It must fit certain requirements:

In addition, each operator can set its own additional parameters.

It is important to know that some BCs issue a refund on such a bet not in the form of money to the main balance, but in the format of freebets, i.e. free bets.


This is an additional percentage of winnings on express bets. Betting operators add a certain percentage to the final odds, thus increasing the bettor’s probable winnings. For example, they add 5% to each new outcome, which is similar to the odds of 1.05. In different BCs, the percentage and conditions of the bonus can vary greatly. The basic requirements may include:

This is the most common type of incentive offered by BCs.

Express of the Day

Some BCs offer their customers daily express bets with high odds. These bets are made by the administration, so you only have the choice of accepting the terms of the promotion or refusing.

However, the more outcomes in the express of the day, the higher the bonus percentage. But it is worth knowing that such BC bonus offer is formed from “non-valuable” bets. In betting companies well count the approximate profit from such promotions. And if the market is about to turn quotes in an inconvenient direction for the company, such a bonus is simply removed.

In general, the bonus on the express to some extent mitigates the unprofitability of such bets. But if you are a fan of expresses, why not make a bet with additional pluses. Combine the useful with the pleasant.

Express Betting Strategies

The strategy of winning expresses can be conditionally divided into 2 main directions:

To keep your chances of winning and not to let the bookmaker get super profit from the margin, you need to use the golden mean between the above strategies. But you should not forget that many BCs offer customers not only favorable odds and low margins, but also a bonus on the express, which should definitely be used to get the maximum benefits.

Best bookmaker’s offices with bonus on express

In order to expand their audience, bookmakers use various marketing moves, among which are bonus offers. The experts of our portal have made an analysis and offer you to familiarize yourself with the operators that offer the most profitable bonus for express to beginners and active clients.

Bonus for winline express


BC Winline regularly pleases its clients with splendid promotions. In its bonus the bookmaker has collected the best of the current methods, which allow to increase the players’ profit up to one and a half times, and at the expense of the BC.

The Winline Express Bonus is available to both beginners and active bettors. Its essence is that the player independently creates betting coupons, which should include 3 or more events with odds from 1.3 and above.

Minimum Winline bonus on express is equal to 3% of the net profit and is given for coupons, which included 3 events. 5 bets will bring 5% additional profit, 7 matches already 10%, and 11 outcomes will give the player 25% of the benefit. Well, in order to get 50% reward, it is necessary to bet on 14 events.

Taking into account the fact that express bets with a large number of outcomes - it is already in itself a profitable promotion, then the additional percentage to them is considered one of the generous offers. And so, to get Winline bonuses on express, you need to fulfill only two conditions:

With the help of such a bonus you can double your profit.


The bookmaker’s office Olimp is known for its favorable bonus policy for clients. To bet on sports in the BC, you need to be a registered client. The bookmaker accrues bonuses to participants who have concluded an express with odds from 2.50 and above, in accordance with the amount of winnings on the bets made. The more outcomes in the coupon, the higher the bonus percentage. If you bet on two events, you will get 2% bonus, if you bet on 3 outcomes, you will get 3% and so on up to 10 events, for which the bonus will be 10%.

Bonus in Olimp on express bets above 10 events is calculated differently by the bookmaker. In this case, the BC gives an increased percentage, but provided that the coefficient in the coupon is from 1.30 and above:

So, Olimp gives its clients a bonus on express up to 100%. You will agree that it is impossible to find such a reward in every BC. So don’t miss your chance to double your winnings.


Bookmakers 1win has launched a bonus promotion for fans of express betting. To get an express bonus from BC 1win, a bet must meet several requirements:

For winning 1win bonus on express a certain percentage is charged, which depends on the number of events in the coupon:

Bonus on Express from BC 1win is a good choice for bettors who like to create coupons with a large number of outcomes. If a sports bet plays out, you can get up to 15% of your winnings.

How is the bonus on Express credited?

The number of promotional offers for customers of betting operators is constantly growing and taking on new formats. This is how the Express Bonus appeared, which is no less popular than the welcome package.

If you collected an express bet and it played, then under the terms of the promotion you will be credited bonus money to the game balance, along with the amount won. If in the coupon 1 bet did not bring triumph, and the rest went through, you will simply get the amount of the bet back to your game balance.


Some bookmaker’s offices offer players exclusive promotions, among which there is a bonus on express. With such bonus promotions, the administration encourages bettors to bet on several events in the coupon. However, a combined bet does not always guarantee a win. After all, if the client bets incorrectly on one of their matches, the entire coupon is canceled and considered lost.

But in order to reduce this probability of losing, the bookmaker and came up with a bonus on express bets. After all, it is an additional motivation for players to conclude sports bets in this format, rather than ordinaries.

In essence, the bonus on the express is a promotion that is devoid of disadvantages, as the bonus coefficient does not impose additional obligations on the player. Of course, we can not say that such a promotion fundamentally changes the priorities in the field of betting. But at the same time, it is permanent, that is, you can bet at any time. Secondly, it applies to all sports, outcomes and championships. Thirdly, such additional profit will definitely not be superfluous. But remember that betting on sports is entertainment. However, in your favorite hobby, you should be the best! Therefore, competently make a bet on the express.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which BC has the most favorable bonus on express?

Almost all bookmaker’s offices accept combined bets. However, not all of them offer bonuses for them. Among all BCs, it is worth highlighting one operator, whose encouragement reaches the maximum values. 100% bonus at Olimp on express is the best offer on the market.

Who can use the bonus in Olympus on express?

Bonus on Express at BC Olymp is available to all users who have completed online registration on the official website. The bookmaker’s office offers customers incentives from 2% to 100% to the amount of profit. The percentage accruals directly depend on the number of sporting events in the coupon.

Can newbies get Winline bonus for express?

Yes. Winline Express Bonus is available to both newcomers and active customers. But before making a bet of this type on sports events, the user needs to undergo registration and verification of identity. And also replenish the game balance with real money.

How to get a bonus on express from BC 1win?

To get 1win bonus on express, you need to register and make an express bet on 5 or more events in the coupon. The odds of each match must be at least 1.3. In case of successful settlement of the coupon, the bookmaker’s office will increase the profit, according to the terms of the promotion.