List of the best bookmakers for betting on any sport

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There are actually a lot of bookmakers. But unfortunately, there are very few of them working legally and providing services of proper quality. Nevertheless, we have found them and we present you the best bookmaker’s offices, which operate legally, have the necessary licences, convenient websites and mobile applications, provide freebets and not only. These are the bookmakers where you can make sports betting and do not worry about anything, except that your bet goes in!

Bookmaker Rating

Bookmakers - what are they and what are they for?

If you have been betting on sports for a long time and are familiar with the various bookmakers, then you won’t be interested in reading further. If you have just decided to start betting on sports, then we strongly recommend you to read the article to the end.

All online and offline bookmakers without exception are sites that provide their customers with the opportunity to bet on various sporting events. For example, on the games of football, basketball, hockey teams and more, including cybersports. And also on competitions of athletes in individual sports: small and big tennis, boxing, MMA fights and so on. There are bookmakers with games where you can bet on the victory of a character, with bets on the weather, the election of a politician or changes in currency exchange rates.

In a nutshell, betting shops are places where you can bet on almost anything. But each betting shop has its own policy, plus have restrictions depending on the regulator. For example, bookmakers offer betting exclusively on sporting events.

What are the different types of bookmakers?

Some might say that bookmakers are divided into offline and online venues, but this has not been the case for a long time. Now it is not uncommon for legal bookmakers to be active on the Internet, with an official website and mobile application, as well as in real life, building a whole network of betting shops or even sports bars, where you can watch the match and at the same time make a bet.

Therefore, it is more correct to say that betting shops are divided into legal and illegal betting shops. At the same time, legal ones can be both domestic and foreign. The former operate under a local licence, while others may have a licence from any country where gambling is allowed. For example, Malta, Curacao, UK, Madagascar and many others.

World’s Best Bookmakers

Naturally, different regulators have different requirements for betting shops. For example, the legislation of some countries imposes more stringent requirements to the bookmaker, so in such companies as Winline, Liga Bet and others, you will not find a large number of bonuses, deposit and withdrawal of funds in cryptocurrency and more.

And other countries have less stringent requirements, even if it is one of the most reliable licences from the UK. Therefore, customers can find there a lot of different promotions, which sometimes offer sports betting with a huge bonus, as well as a greater choice of services. For example, there can be sports betting and online casino on the same site. For such licences, bookmakers with casinos, it is a standard phenomenon.

Verified bookmakers

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All the bookmakers presented have been tested for reliability, and have also proven to be the best sites for betting on any kind of sport. In addition, the rating of bookmakers is regularly updated, so at any time you will find here only the best bookmakers in the world.

Principle of work of bookmaker’s offices

Regardless of where a bookmaker is located and what kind of licence it has, the principle of operation of all bookmakers is the same. A sporting event is taken, for example, the Champions Cup and each event, for example, ten qualifying matches, in this event is carefully analysed. After that, a betting line with certain odds is formed for each event.

The upcoming events are analysed by professional analysts and entire teams of analysts, which are specially hired by the bookmaker’s office. It is they who make predictions on sports and decide how likely this or that outcome in the event and depending on the likelihood that this will happen, the appropriate coefficient is set.

Online Bookmakers

The big, popular bookmakers have their own teams of analysts and not always their opinions are the same as those of their competitors. Therefore, the odds in different bookmaker’s offices are often different. But as a rule, they are not far from each other.

In addition, there are new bookmaker’s offices, which have not yet developed enough, so they simply buy a line and offer their clients ready-made options. In this case, customers can find for themselves more interesting odds on certain events. But this is rare, and even with such work, the odds in most cases do not differ much from the competitors.

Regardless of the principle of work, bookmakers only offer, and the client decides for himself whether to bet on the offered odds or not.

Pros and cons of bookmaker’s offices

Regardless of the form of activity, all bookmakers have their positive and negative qualities. Which ones depends on many factors. For example, the purpose of the company and its roadmap. That is, what it will focus on in the next, for example, 5 years and, accordingly, what directions it will develop.

In accordance with this, someone gives preference to the development of the betting line. And someone emphasises live, trying to connect broadcasts in the best quality, integrating additional features in the form of multi-window and so on. Some of the bookmakers initially emphasise the development of mobile application. Therefore, all have their individual pros and cons. But also bookmakers have common advantages and disadvantages.

Common pros for all bookmakers

Common disadvantages of all bookmakers

Some experts still include the dependence of players to the disadvantages. But we believe that this is more a disadvantage of people than bookmakers themselves. As we have already said, the bookmaker only offers an opportunity to make a bet, and it is up to the players to decide whether to make it or not.

Selections of bookmakers based on various parameters

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bookmakers?

Bookmakers’ offices are offline and online venues that accept bets on various sporting events with the help of specialised software. In this case, bettors are offered both popular sports such as football, hockey, etc. So and not very popular, for example: cricket, squash, Australian football and others.

What is the difference between legal and illegal bookmakers?

Legal and illegal bookmakers differ first of all by the presence of a licence. And accordingly the reliability and honesty of the services provided. If the bookmaker’s office does not have a licence, then in case of disputable issues, the player is simply blocked in the best case, and in the worst case even do not return the money.

Do bookmakers give the opportunity to bet on sports via phone?

Yes, bookmakers give you the opportunity to bet via phone. For this purpose, all reliable bookmakers have a mobile version of the official website, as well as developed their own mobile applications for mobile devices running the most popular operating systems.

Who are bookmakers banned from betting?

All legal bookmaker’s offices obligatorily prohibit betting on sports to persons under the age of majority. At the same time, the best bookmakers require mandatory verification in order to exclude the possibility of using the service by minors.