Bookmaker bonuses - best offers

The rapid growth of competition in the online betting industry forces bookmakers to develop a variety of bonus promotions to attract newcomers and retain regular players. And for sports betting enthusiasts, this is a great chance to get additional privileges.

New bookmaker bonuses

What are bookmaker promotions?

Bookmaker bonuses is a kind of key that unlocks the door to winning bets and bookmaker benefits. Every bookmaker’s office tries in every possible way to make the game of bettors more attractive. Bonus offers are liked by players and are the best marketing solution. Virtually every advert of every bookmaker’s office mentions promotions. On our page you can learn all about the best and generous gifts. Follow our news and make favourable sports betting!

Types of Bonus Rewards

To attract customers, bookmakers offer a variety of bonus offers that entice newbies and experienced bettors alike. And gifts can be absolutely free, and for a large deposit, and for topping up the account for a symbolic amount or for other actions.

All bookmaker bonuses

All bookmakers try to offer unique promotions for their customers, which can be conditionally divided into several types:

Reliable bookmakers offer bettors a whole rich lineup, which includes dozens of different incentives that will help to increase winnings. Let’s break down the main types of bonus programme in more detail, so that you know exactly whether you should use them or not, and also so that you are aware of the current promotions. About this and in detail on our website.

No deposit bonuses

No deposit bookmaker bonuses are one of the most popular types of rewards, which are usually aimed at beginners. Most often it is a certain amount of money, which comes to a special bonus account as a reward for fulfilling certain conditions. As a rule, it is registration. In order to withdraw funds from the bonus balance, they must be wagered. Each bookmaker’s promotion has its own wagering regulations. For example, the bookmaker can set a limit on the odds that are used in the wagering process. It is also worth paying attention to the type of bet and the terms for which you can wager the reward. But whatever the case, it’s a great option to start playing without investing your own money.

Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is the most common type that is regularly offered on bookmaker websites. The main difference from a no-deposit is the deposit of personal money into the account, for which the player receives an additional percentage to the amount deposited. Most often this type of gift has a limit on the maximum amount of reward. In this case, the bettor can get 100%, 200% and even 500% to the deposit. However, it should be taken into account that the wagering requirements for this gift may be higher than for other promotions. Some bookmakers that give bonuses expand this range and offer bettors rewards for subsequent replenishments of the game account.

First bet bonus

Such bookmaker promotions encourage customers not just to make a deposit, but to place their first bet with real money. Such rewards are similar to deposit bonuses, but with one difference - the amount of the gift directly depends on the bet you have placed. Bookmakers call a professional bet made by a registered bettor a Β«first betΒ» and offer additional payments for the fact that the player made it.

Loyalty programme

Bookmakers offer regular customers to participate in a loyalty programme, which has a multi-level system of rewards. After all, every client wants to feel special treatment in the place where he plays. Most often such programmes involve awarding special points for new deposits or bets, which can later be exchanged for money, freebets, cashback and other valuable prizes (smartphones, travel, footballs signed by famous footballers and others).

Some bookmaker’s offices implement a loyalty programme in the form of a virtual club for active players. Special points can be awarded for different periods of time, which are independently set by the bookmaker. It can be a week, a month, or even a long-term programme. To clarify all the rules and conditions of the programme, you need to register on the bookmaker’s website. Therefore, if you regularly make sports bets, you should not miss this opportunity.

Raised Quotes

Many bookmakers offer new and existing customers bets with increased odds on a daily, monthly or every time a new league season starts. Such rewards offer an opportunity to increase the payout amount if the coupon plays out. In addition, odds can be increased for certain tournaments and championships.


Freebets are free bets that give bettors the opportunity to win real money without the risk of losing their own. In this case, freebets have a certain denomination. With their help the user concludes a bet and the bet on sports events played, then the bettor’s game account will be credited with the net profit in the form of money minus the nominal value of the freebet.

Different bookmakers have different conditions for receiving freebets:

The size of a freebet is different and depends on the administration’s imagination. But in any case it is favourable to get a free coupon, because for beginners - it is a chance to get a starting capital, and for regular customers - a chance to bet without risk and an opportunity to try your luck.

Betting Insurance

Any betting game involves risks. In order to reduce the probability of possible losses, many bookmakers who give a bonus offer bettors to use betting insurance. In essence, insurance is a chance to make a win-win bet, the money for which will be returned even if the bet does not play. The return can be in the form of freebets or cash to the player’s account. The incentive can be called common, as it is offered right now by most of the legal bookmakers.

There are several options of risk insurance:

However, betting insurance is most often used for express bets. In this case, it is triggered if one event is un-winnable. If there are two or more, the insurance is cancelled.

Express Bonus

It is no secret that express bets are favourable for the bookmaker, as the probability of a player winning decreases with the addition of each new event. It is logical that best bookmakers offer different promotions for bets of this kind.

Express betting has one peculiarity: the bettor is rewarded if all the bets made are played in his favour. In this case, the user gets the highest payout, but the probability that all bets in a row will be played is quite low. This is where the insurance of express bets comes to the aid of bettors. It is a kind of encouragement for those players who are hesitant to make such bets and at the same time a generous reward for those who constantly take risks when making express bets.

Sign up bonus

Bookmaker promotions include a sign-up bonus to attract as many new customers as possible. Most often these are cash gifts or free bets. After creating a personal account, bettors get the opportunity to try their hand at freebets and familiarise themselves with the platform without risking their own money. Such bookmaker bonuses open the door for newbies to the world of betting with minimal investment.

To withdraw a monetary gift, it must be wagered in accordance with the rules of a particular bookmaker. Each bookmaker with bonuses has them different, so it is better to study the terms and conditions before participating, not after.


The promotions of bookmaker companies include a cash-bonus, which provides for the return of funds by the bookmaker to the bettor for performing the actions established by the rules. This can be a cashback as for making a deposit, and for orders on sporting events. Some sites promise to compensate players a certain percentage of the lost personal money for any period of time. They can also be one-off promotions at bookmakers for the most prestigious sporting events: the World Cup finals or the Champions League.

How to win back bookmaker bonuses?

Wagering rewards is a set of requirements that a bookmaker puts in front of bettors to exchange bonus funds for real money. Not all bookmakers offer promotions without conditions: the client can immediately use them for betting or withdraw them immediately to a real account.

Bonuses for betting at bookmakers

Major wagering requirements include:

It is important to take into account that bookmaker’s offices with a bonus may allow to spend for wagering either bonus funds or real money of the bettor. Of course, it is more favourable for the client to use bonus money, as personal savings will remain intact. Also within the framework of the promotion, bookmaker offices can combine the requirements - part of the funds is used from the bonus account, and the other part - their own money.

Another point to consider is the limitation of the maximum betting amount, i.e. the player will not be able to bet all the bonus funds at once with one large bet.

However, professionals have their own strategies on how to win back bonuses:

Such tips will help you to win back the bookmakers’ promotions and stay in the winnings.

Best bookmaker bonuses

All types of incentives, depending on the ultimate goal of their receipt, open new opportunities for bettors. Thus, welcome bonuses of bookmaker’s offices in the form of a no-deposit give the client the opportunity to earn without making additional investments.

In general, receiving bonus rewards is a real fact. When choosing a bookmaker should be guided by the regularity of payments, reputation and duration of activity. Knowing the terms of receiving gifts and their wagering will help bettors to choose the right strategy to achieve the best results.

Today, we have taken a detailed look at the types and terms of bonus rewards and learnt what they are. So now you, as a knowledgeable bettor, will be able to choose the best betting company for you with numerous benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are regular bonuses and cashback different from each other?

The size of the cashback depends on the amount of bets lost, while regular bookmaker bonuses have no such requirement. Some bookmakers compensate users for losses only if they finished the reporting period in the minus. In this case, cashback can be in the form of free coupons, and in the form of real money.

What are bookmaker bonuses for new players?

Bookmaker bonuses for newcomers are certain incentives for new customers who have created a personal account. Some online bookmakers give newcomers freebets, which can be used without the risk of losing their own funds. Restrictions may be on the minimum odds and type of bet.

What differences does a bookmaker's no deposit promotion have?

No deposit bookmaker promotions are bonus rewards given to players for creating a personal account or for other actions. Among the differences between the no-deposit incentive and other offers of online offices is one important point - it is the absence of certain conditions for depositing funds to the game account. However, the wagering requirements for such a gift may be slightly higher than for a deposit.

How to activate bookmaker promotions?

Activation of bookmakers’ bonuses can be done in several ways: by clicking on the corresponding button in the Personal Area on the website or through the bookmaker’s mobile application. You can also activate by entering a promo code or sending a request to the bookmaker’s support service.