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Betting on sports all over the world is becoming more and more popular every year. Therefore, bookmakers began to appear literally like mushrooms after the rain. But not all of them are reliable and unfortunately, not all legal bookmakers give bonuses. Therefore, beginners and even experienced bettors quite often have a question, what bookmakers give bonuses for registration in a bookmaker’s office and whether it is worth to take such a bonus?

In this article we will give you a list of the best legal bookmakers that give sports betting with a bonus for registration and not only. And we will also analyse what bonuses bookmakers provide, what you can get them for and what advantages and disadvantages such bookmakers have.

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The companies presented in bookmakers sites rating offer no deposit bonuses in the form of a freebet to all new customers. And also regularly hold promotions and bonus companies, in which bookmakers bonuses can also be received by existing customers.

Depending on the availability and conditions offered by online bookmakers bonuses, companies can go up or down in the ranking. As well as being excluded altogether, replaced by others or returning. Our team regularly checks which bookmakers offer bonuses in order to provide you with only up-to-date information.

Bookmaker bonuses

Types of bonuses at bookmaker’s offices

In addition to the bonus for registration, bookmaker offices also provide players with other sports betting with bonus.

There are 4 types of bonuses in total:

Further we will talk in detail about each of these bonuses, and you will decide for yourself whether you need only what bookmakers give bonus for registration, or you will be attracted by other bookmakers’ offers.

Bonuses for registration

The most popular bonuses for registration. Such a bonus is usually given in the form of freebets. Freebet translates as a free bet and is usually given in the form of a certain amount that can be spent in one or more times when betting on sports.

It all depends on the conditions of the company. Someone offers 15000 rubles in the form of one bet, and someone gives the opportunity to make 3 bets on the same 15 thousand. However, such large amounts of freebets are rare, mostly bookmaker companies offer from 1 to 5 thousand rubles for freebets.

Players betting on sports bonus for registration, gives obvious advantages. Every new client of the company can make a bet and try themselves in this case completely free of charge. After all, the money is virtual. And the profit gained by winning with the help of a freebet is the real one. However, to withdraw the received money, as a rule, you need to pass verification and replenish the deposit. Some reliable bookmakers without verification will not even let you bet on a freebet. That is, betting on sports with a no deposit bonus will not be available until there is no confirmation of identity.

Freebet bonuses for registration

Bookmakers’ bonuses for first deposit

After making a successful or even unsuccessful bet, users usually linger and want to place another bet. To increase their winnings or win back what they lost, even if it was a freebet. But not everyone does this, so bookmakers, in order to definitely make a person their client, offer sports betting bonus for the first deposit.

Such bookmaker bonuses can be provided for different amounts, but the most common practice is 100% of the deposited amount. That is, if you deposit the minimum amount, for example, $50, you will get another $50 on top of the bonus account. Correspondingly, if it will be 1000, then the bonus account will also receive another 1000 dollars, which can also be used for betting on sports. The maximum amount for which you can get a bonus is also set by the bookmaker.

This type of bonus also has its pros and cons. The plus, of course, is that the client can make twice as many bets and, accordingly, less risky with his money. The disadvantage is that, as a rule, the bonus money received for the first deposit must be wagered.

High risk bonuses

Bookmakers also offer bonuses for professionals. Such bonus programmes are not common and usually represent a bonus in the form of additional money to the profit received for multiple bets. That is, if a player makes an express, for example, a minimum of 5 events, he can get a bonus in the form of 5% or more to the amount of winnings in addition to the winnings. As it is, for example, arranged in the bookmaker’s office 1win.

Which bookmakers give a bonus for professionals you can see in the corresponding rating on our site. And the advantages of this type of bonuses are unambiguous. The player risks as usual, and in addition to this gets a nice bonus from the bookmaker’s office in the form of real money. At the same time such a bonus does not even need to be wagered, the money is immediately credited to the bettor’s real account.

Return bonuses

Usually this bonus is not considered to be a bonus as such, but the money that can be received in this way belongs to the bonus programmes of bookmaker’s offices. Such a bonus is called Cashback and is usually 5-15% of the amount of money lost in bets. This is the amount of money a regular client of a bookmaker’s office can get after a week or a month for all his lost bets.

Agree, get at the end of the month, for example, 10% of all lost bets, very good. After all, if the player actively made bets, such a cashback can be a very decent amount. At the same time, cashback can be credited as real money to the main account, and virtual money to the bonus account. It depends solely on the company’s policy. Well, what bookmaker offices give bookmaker bonuses without deposit in the form of a refund, you can also find out on our site.

What else can you get bookmaker bonuses for?

Caring about loyalty from not only new but also regular customers, bookmaker offices regularly various promotions in which bettors can get bookmaker bonuses.

In order to find out exactly what kind of bookmakers’ bonuses are currently held by this or that bookmaker’s office, it is best to go to the official website of the bookmaker’s office of interest. Bookmakers that give bonus usually write about it on the main page. There you can also find out the amounts of bonuses currently in force. We specifically did not specify the bonus amounts in the rating, as bookmakers often change them.

Conclusions about bookmaker bonuses

Bookmaker bonuses are an important tool for attracting new customers and retaining old ones at bookmaker’s offices. Various bookmaker bonuses can help customers to place more bets without the risk of losing their money and increase their winnings. However, it is important to keep in mind that some bonuses from bookmakers can have high wagering requirements, which can result in losses for customers. Therefore, before choosing a bookmaker with bonuses, you should carefully study the terms and conditions of bonuses and compare them with other bookmakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out which bookmakers give a sign-up bonus?

The easiest way to see which bookmakers give a signup bonus is in our ranking. But you can also look through all legal bookmakers yourself and search their official websites for information about the availability of no deposit bonuses for online betting. You can also use ratings or reviews on thematic sites.

Which bookmakers give bookmakers bonuses for registration without verification?


If you are interested in which bookmakers give a bonus for registration without verification, then we must disappoint you, there are no such companies among legal bookmakers online. Without verification usually give bonuses bookmakers who have dubious licences, certificates or do not have them at all. All bookmakers operating under a licence must first verify the identity of the client.

Which bookmakers give bookmaker bonuses to minors?

No legally operating bookmaker does not provide services to minors. Many players understand this and are looking for which bookmakers give a bonus for registration without verification. As a result, they find dubious sites. But in this case it is worth realising that on such sites is very likely that the player will not get his money.

Where to see which bookmakers give bonuses for registration legally?

In our rating we present only those bookmakers that operate under licence. Therefore, you don’t have to look for which bookmakers give bonuses for registration legally. They are already collected here for you. Just choose the company you are interested in and start betting on sports with a great freebet!