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In recent years, online betting is becoming the most popular gambling entertainment. More and more newcomers register on various resources to make their first bet on sports. But in fact, everything is not so simple, because not every site for betting can provide good conditions. And online betting, at the same time, has its own specifics. In particular, the site where the user makes a deposit should be safe and reliable. It is for this reason that there is a rating of bookmakers, which shows the current situation in the market.

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Bonus Rating
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The rating of bookmakers is compiled by experts, studying the resource from a variety of angles. For example, the licence and reputation of a virtual institution always come first. However, this is just a couple of factors that are taken into account by experts. Therefore, we suggest to find out what the rating of bookmakers is for.

Bookmakers rating by payouts

Why is bookmakers rating so important?

Bookmakers rating plays a key role for punters who are going to bet online. It helps to identify reliable betting platforms. The rating takes into account user reviews, which makes it objective. The terms and conditions of the office, including odds, are also important. This gives you the opportunity to compare different sites before choosing a new betting platform.

Choosing the right site affects the safety and comfort of the game. A good rating of bookmakers guarantees honesty of payments and transparency of rules. This reduces the risk of encountering fraud. Players can easily find suitable bonuses and promotions. Thus, the ranking makes it easier to find the perfect bookmaker for real money gameplay.

How are bookmaker ratings compiled?

Bookmaker ratings are compiled by taking into account a huge list of factors. Specialists do not just find, but also check the information independently. In particular, reliable bookmakers will not just have a licence, but will provide information about it in the public domain. Also sites always have a support line, where participants can contact if necessary. And now we offer to learn how the rating of bookmakers is compiled.

What factors do experts consider:

Protection of personal data of the participant

The protection of personal data is of paramount importance for bookmaker’s offices. Modern encryption technologies ensure the safety of information. Customers trust their data with the expectation of privacy. Regular security checks prevent information leakage. Such measures build trust between users and the participant.

Therefore, when professionals make a rating of bookmaker’s offices, they emphasise this. It is extremely important that the resource provides the best conditions for online betting and implements innovative technologies. For example, good bookmakers offer two-factor authentication for additional protection. In other words, the issue of data security remains a priority for all parties.

Features of bookmaker licensing

Bookmaker licensing is subject to strict rules. To obtain a licence, a bookmaker must meet a number of requirements. These include financial stability, transparency of operations, and protection of players’ rights. It is also necessary to have a guarantee fund for the payment of winnings. These measures are aimed at protecting the interests of users and ensuring fair play. In addition to a licence, betting shops must register with self-regulatory organisations. This provides additional control over their activities. The licensing system helps to eliminate fraudulent schemes.

TOP bookmaker rating

The rating of bookmakers is information that is constantly updated. Since nothing stands still and changes all the time, the lists of sites also change. For example, in recent years, sports betting from a phone has become increasingly in demand. Accordingly, platforms have started to rapidly create mobile apps and adapt sites to mobile devices. And this is the case across the board if a betting company wants to maintain a leading position.


First of all because for any bookmaker, rating is also an advertisement. It is the easiest and shortest way to attract new bettors to the platform. Therefore, if you want to bet on sports rating of bookmakers will be a good assistant in your search for a platform. In the meantime, we suggest studying our list of stable industry leaders. We suggest to consider it with the help of the table.

No. Name Licence
1 Leon FTS of Russia No. L027-00108-77/00395488
2 BetCity Russian Federal Tax Service No. L027-00108-61/00395481
3 Zenit Russian Federal Tax Service No. L027-00108-77/00395483

Betting line analysis and variation of events

Analysing the betting line is an important aspect of choosing a bookmaker. A good bookmaker offers a wide range of events to bet on. This includes not only popular sports, but also lesser known sports. The variety of events on offer allows everyone to find something to suit their tastes. Also important is the availability of different types of bets on the same event.

High bookmakers’ odds also play a role in analysing the betting line. Favourable odds can significantly increase a player’s winnings. Bookmakers that offer competitive quotes are highly valued by users. The possibility of live betting adds to the dynamics and interest. Reviewing the betting line and offers is key when choosing a bookmaker.

Bonuses for favourable betting

Bookmakers offer a variety of bonuses to attract new players. One of the popular options is money for the bonus balance upon registration. This gives you the opportunity to bet online without risking your own funds. Freebets are also common, allowing you to place free bets on certain events. Promo codes provide access to exclusive promotions and increased bonuses.

In addition, many bookmakers offer personalised gifts for a player’s birthday. These can be bonus funds, freebets or improved betting conditions. Such promotions make the gaming process more pleasant and profitable. Loyal customers often receive exclusive offers. All these bonuses and promotions help to increase the chances of winning and make betting even more interesting.

Mobile Apps

The convenience of mobile gameplay plays an important role when it comes to bookmaker ratings. Good bookmakers try to develop apps for Android and iOS. This allows users to bet anywhere and anytime. Especially appreciated are the opportunities to make live bets directly from the phone. Such an app makes the betting process more convenient and accessible.

Bookmakers’ mobile apps usually offer a full range of services. Including live betting, cash transactions and access to promotions. The user interface of the apps is adapted for small screens. This ensures comfortable usage even on the go. Thus, the presence of a quality mobile application significantly increases the bookmaker’s rating.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Legal bookmakers have a variety of deposit methods. Users can deposit funds via bank cards, e-wallets and even mobile operators. However, it is important to remember about possible transfer fees. The time of depositing funds may vary depending on the chosen method. The security of transactions is ensured by modern encryption technologies.

When withdrawing funds from legal bookmakers, several options are also provided. Withdrawal is possible to bank cards, e-wallets and even to a mobile phone account. It is necessary to take into account the limits and processing time of withdrawal requests. Some bookmakers require identity verification before the first withdrawal. This is a standard procedure aimed at preventing fraud.

Is the bookmaker rating honest?

We take great care to ensure that the bookmaker rating is honest. To do this, we take into account many factors, including user reviews and the terms and conditions of the offices. Each bookmaker’s office is thoroughly analysed before taking its place in the rating. This ensures that the rating reflects the real state of affairs in the market. We strive to ensure maximum transparency and objectivity of the ratings.

During the rating process, special attention is paid to the reliability of payments, the quality of customer support and offers for new players. Regular updating of data allows us to react quickly to changes in the work of bookmakers. This approach helps users to make an informed choice. After all, an honest and up-to-date rating is the key to successful and safe betting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the bookmaker rating updated?

Yes, the information in the rating of bookmaker offices is regularly updated. Experts closely follow the changes in the online market. They take into account user feedback and new data about the offices. This ensures the relevance and reliability of information. This approach helps players make an informed choice and find the site that will be optimal for them.

Does the bookmaker rating take into account the work of technical support?

Yes, of course, the work of technical support is important for the rating. Experts analyse the quality of service and speed of responses. Attention is paid to the availability of support and its efficiency. They also evaluate positive and negative feedback from players who have already made online bets on the site. This helps to form an objective picture of the work of each office.

Does the bookmaker rating take into account information about the licence?

Yes, the presence of a licence is a key factor in the bookmaker rating. It confirms the legality and reliability of the office. Experts check licences through official resources. Such information strengthens users’ confidence in the rating. The presence of a licence guarantees fair play and protection of the rights of players betting.

Can fraudsters get into the rating of the best bookmakers?

No, this is excluded, in the ranking of the best bookmakers can not be such for various reasons. Ratings are formed on the basis of thorough analyses and checks. Experts assess licensing, reviews and working conditions. Fraudsters can not pass through such a check. All bookmaker offices in the rating are required to be licensed. Thus, the interests of players are protected.