Bookmaker betting apps - sports in your phone

Players have long perceived sports betting from their phones as an everyday occurrence. At the same time, more and more bettors are choosing the mobile betting apps rather than the adapted version of the site. Because it is really more convenient. You do not need to open a browser, look for the site of the bookmaker’s office and there, look for where the desired sporting event. In addition, adapted versions of the pages of the site can be quite significantly different from the usual view in the computer.

How to bet on sports via phone

Unlike the mobile-adapted version of the site, the mobile app is often much better optimised and launches faster than the page opens in a browser. Therefore, it is not surprising that punters prefer to download a betting company instead of using a browser.

However, not every legal bookmaker’s mobile Betting apps are fully realised. Somewhere the app takes a long time to load, somewhere the navigation within the app is not quite convenient or the menus are deeply nested. If it’s pre-match betting - such shortcomings are not critical. But if it is live betting, then the speed of launch and download, as well as the ease of access to the desired event, will depend on the player will have time to make a profitable bet or not. Therefore, you need to choose where it is better to download sports betting apps from your phone.

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Our experts have tested the mobile apps of so many bookmakers and selected the ones that work best for you. Mobile applications of these bookmakers work very fast, have all the features available on the official website and in addition give a nice bookmaker bonuses for installation. This approach makes it doubly profitable to bet on sports from your phone.

Criteria for selecting bookmaker applications

Each mobile application added to best betting sites was evaluated according to a number of criteria:

These criteria influenced the placement of bookmaker offices in the rating. Accordingly, the first places are occupied by bookmakers with the most convenient and advanced mobile applications. Further down the ranking. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the first three.

Where to download a bookmaker’s app?

Bookmaker offices offer bettors to download the online sports betting application in several ways at once: directly on the off-site and in the app shop. Since this software is in demand, the links are usually in the most prominent places. This is at the very top of any page of the site in the form of icons of the application shops Google Play and App Store. And also at the very bottom of the page, in the so-called basement, where there is usually a dark background and application icons are especially visible.

After clicking on any icon, the player will be redirected to the part of the site where there will be links to download sports betting. As well as a description of the advantages of this particular bookmaker’s software, installation instructions and perhaps even a user manual.

Download sports betting apps

How do I install an app from a bookmaker?

To download sports betting on your phone, you must first access the bookmaker’s page from your device via any convenient, mobile web browser. Click on the icons described above, and then on the download page select the link with the desired application.

For iOS

If you are the owner of an iOS gadget, you are in luck. Since the App Store doesn’t prohibit online casino apps from being placed in the shop either, you’ll follow the link directly to the shop. After that, install the app just like you install any other Betting apps from the shop.

For Android

If you own a mobile device on the Android operating system, you are a little less fortunate. Google’s internal policy prohibits the placement of gambling apps in its shop. Therefore, when you click on the application version link, you will be prompted to download any sports betting apsp on Android as a file with an apk extension. Don’t be scared, this is the extension in which all mobile Betting apps are downloaded and from the Play market including. So just agree and download the file to a convenient folder for you. For example, Downloads.

Then find the downloaded file in that folder via file manager and click on it to start the installation. If you have not installed applications this way before, the system will ask you to allow installation of applications from unknown devices. Agree, go to the settings and tick the appropriate box. Then go back to the installation, click «Continue» and finish the installation process. After all manipulations you will see the application icon in your phone in the form of the logo of the bookmaker from whom you downloaded the application. All that remains is to launch the application and authorise or register in it.

Advantages of the mobile application

The convenience of a phone app is hard to overestimate. As almost 90 per cent of tasks on the Internet we perform exactly with the help of a mobile phone. So naturally, it is also much more convenient for us to bet on sports online using a phone app. Nevertheless, we will highlight a few of the main points why you need a mobile application from which you can bet on sports from your phone download and install on your gadget.

In addition, the advantages of the mobile application include the ability to set the blocking. As a result, no one but you will be able to access your account.

Disadvantages of mobile applications

Apart from the fact that each application for mobile phones can have purely individual disadvantages, for example, the lack of broadcasting or slowness. All bookmaker apps have only one disadvantage - manual installation of the programme for Android phones and tablets. Otherwise, there are no complaints to the apps that are presented in the rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use Betting apps to bet on sports from my phone?

More likely yes than no. After all, betting on sports from your phone is simple and convenient. At the same time, the mobile application retains all the features available to bettors on the official website of the bookmaker. Moreover, if the company starts any promotions, the player will not know about it until he goes to the site. And if he has Betting apps, he will immediately receive a notification and can be one of the first to take part.

How safe is it to bet on sports from your phone?

Absolutely safe. Mobile applications work on a secure protocol, so all your data and financial transactions online are completely safe. Even if someone manages to connect to your traffic, for example, you are betting on sports from your phone at the airport connected to an unknown free Wi-Fi network, the attacker simply can not decrypt anything.

Who is suitable to bet on sports from phone?

If you only occasionally bet on sports, there’s probably no point in installing an app for you. But if you have a good knowledge of a sport and bet regularly, then betting on sports from your phone will be the best solution for you. After all, you can bet on sporting events from your phone anywhere and anytime.

Do I need verification to bet on sports from my phone?

Verification online, at legal bookmakers is mandatory. It does not matter whether you register through the site or through the programme in which you are going to bet on sports from your phone. This is a mandatory requirement for bookmakers that have a licence from the relevant authorities.